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Why Do You Have Excess
 Stomach Fat?

lose fat and get ripped absIn the article below, I'll show you why you have been eating the wrong combinations of foods and doing the wrong types of exercises.  If you use just a few of these tips and strategies, you'll start to lose your stubborn body fat and get those flat six-pack abs MUCH faster!

article by Mike Geary - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Nutrition Specialist

5 Things You MUST Understand if You're Ever Going to Lose Your Abdominal Fat & Get a Flat Stomach

1. The Ab Workout Myth

Did you know that abdominal exercises such as situps, crunches, leg raises, and abs machines are actually the LEAST effective exercises for getting 6-pack abs?  It's true... ab-specific exercises DO NOT burn stomach fat, nor do they train a large enough percentage of your full body muscle to stimulate your metabolism or a fat-burning effect.

I'll show you what types of exercises actually burn belly fat much better and stimulate your fat-burning hormones in a minute.

2.  The Diet Food Myth

Did you know that many of the "diet foods" at your grocery store that are marketed to you as "health foods" can actually increase belly fat storage?  While these companies use clever marketing strategies to fool you into thinking that many of their foods are healthy, in fact, some of them are really junk food in disguise! 

I bet you thought soy products were healthy, or that most "whole grain" products were good for you too?  Think again! I'll explain more about these common diet lies below.

3.  The Abdominal Machine Myth

Most of the ab machines, ab-lounge gadgets, ab-rockers, abs belts, and other info-mercial "abdominizer" gimmicks are all a TOTAL WASTE of your money (and your time).

I know that these advertisements showed fitness models with perfect bodies using these "ab contraptions", but I guarantee you that these fitness models did NOT get their perfect bodies by using any bogus ab belts or loungers.  They got their perfect bodies by following strategic full body workout programs and being consistent and dedicated to good wholesome nutrition.

I'll even show you some of the secrets that the top fitness models use to get their amazing bodies.  And it's easier than you probably think.  You don't have to live on oatmeal, broccoli, and dry chicken breasts either!

4.  The Fat Burner Diet Pill Myth

Stop wasting money on bogus "fat burning" diet pills and other expensive supplements.  To be honest, most diet pills are pure garbage and won't even help you to lose body fat any faster. 

Instead, I'm going to show you some strategic combinations of REAL food (I'm talking healthy natural foods instead of supplements) that will help you increase your metabolism and burn off belly fat in a smarter healthier way.

5.  The Cardio Exercise Myth

Most people think it's a "fact" that you need hours and hours of cardio exercise routines each week to lose body fat.  This is simply NOT true. 

I'm not saying that it doesn't take some hard work, but what I am saying is that there are more effective styles of workouts that produce faster results than doing your typical boring long-duration cardio workout.

So what does work to get rid of stomach fat permanently and get flat abs?  

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I have been on your fat loss and six pack program for the last three or four weeks. All I can say is WOW! I have been body building for well over 20 years and I can honestly say that you have allowed me to break out of what I call the classical mess of weight lifting.

I have made some great gains and I am well on my way to being in the best shape of my life at 39 years of age. I get a kick out of the Guys at the gym when they see me perform some of your exercises. They often come up and ask what I am doing.

I just tell them, as I struggle to regain my breath, "I'm just mixing it up a bit" and then watch them as they go back and waste their time with bicep curls for the next half hour of their workouts.

Now I'm trying to get my wife onboard using your program as well. Thank you so much for doing what you do and keep the emails coming. Thanks,

Luis A., Dallas, Texas


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Mike, I really have enjoyed your informative book. I'm 56 years old and have lifted and worked out and tried different diets for the past 15 years or so with mixed results. I'm trying to maintain my muscle weight and lose the extra body fat that I have. I've been on your suggested lean muscle diet in your book for 3 weeks now and am starting to lose a decent amount of the fat around my waist, so your program seems to be working well. Thanks for offering this book. It has been a big help.

Danny D., Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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Enjoy all of the fat loss, muscle building, and diet articles on this site!  With some hard training, true healthy nutrition, and the right mindset, all of the fitness success and the lean body that you want so bad will be yours.